Illustration for article titled Maybe A Blue Milk Latte Can Help Cure That Star Wars Hangover.

So, The Force Awakens has come, and is sort of gone. How swept up in the Star Wars fury did you get? Clothes, toys, food, STAR WARS ALL THE THINGS! This short from Awestruck takes a look at one couple that probably overdid it.


This is written by and stars Chris Wylde (The Revenant, no, not that one), and directed by Adam Forstadt, the team that brings you Dadholes. And maybe, just maybe, I’m really posting this because it has a cameo from my daughter.

Personally, I can look at my still sealed packages of Darth Maul, Qui Gon, hell even Gasgano toys and feel like an ass from my Ep.1 bender. This time I was a little more restrained, and thankfully loved the movie, so I feel I came out unscathed.

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